Oct 5, 2011

Latisse - the new treatment promises to enhance the length, thickness and shade of Eyelashes

        The solution, manufactured by American pharmaceutical giant Allergen - which also makes Botox, must be applied daily during the period of the treatment, claims to double the thickness of the lashes as well as making them 18 % darker and 25 % longer. Having applied the lotion for four months, women can even reduce the dose by half to maintain the lashes' thickness and length and if they stop the treatment altogether, the lash will revert to its thinner, shorter original condition.

Since its launch, Latisse, which was originally targeted at middle-aged women with thinning lashes, has sold more than 2.5 million bottles.

“This treatment is bigger than Botox in the US,” said Dr Mark Fuller, co-founder of the LashesClinic chain which has already treated 600 women at its centres in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, London and Glasgow.
During clinical trials in 2008, Bimatoprost was ruled safe for cosmetic use, though pregnant or breast-feeding women and anyone who has had cataract surgery in the past three months were advised against use.
Roughly three per cent of testers experienced side effects, the most common being red and itchy eyes or darkened eyelids. In rare but extreme cases, the user’s eye colour changed. But the doctors behind LashesClinic claim that the side-effects came only from overenthusiastic application. 

“Two out of 600 patients reported red or itchy eyes,” said co-founder Dr Usman Goheer. “One was applying the solution to the lower lash - it is only supposed to be used on the top lash. The other was using two drops instead of one in an effort to grow her lashes more quickly.
“We put them back on the right track and no one has stopped using the treatment because of side effects, or because they have found that it doesn’t work.” - The Mail on Sunday

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