Jan 11, 2011

Paradise Syndrome

Paradise Syndrome, while not officially recognized by psychologists as a mental condition, is a term used by some to refer to a condition in which a person suffers a feeling of dissatisfaction despite having achieved all their dreams.

  • The term may have been coined by Dave Steward. It is often applied to individuals of such great wealth and success that they feel they no longer have anything left in life to accomplish. It is common with people who assign great value to their career and, although they have achieved much, do not feel satisfied.
  • "paradise syndrome" is a fictional creation, referring to an episode of Star Trek: "The Paradise Syndrome" is a third season episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, and was broadcast October 4, 1968. It is episode #58, production #58, written by Margaret Armen and directed by Jud Taylor.Since its inception it has been used to mean many different things, but in that episode it had more to do with being overworked and needing a break, rather than a feeling of dissatisfaction related to achieving one's dreams.

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise_Syndrome

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