Oct 25, 2010

Healing with BioResonance Therapy

         Bioresonance therapy is a form of alternative medicine belonging to the field of  Electromagnetic therapy, invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Raschebut, having little acceptance elsewhere, particularly outside of Europe. Initially they marketed it as "MORA-Therapie" - named after themselves (MOrell RAsche). Some of the machines contain an electronic circuit measuring skin-resistance, akin to the E-Meter used by Scientology, which the bioresonance creators sought to improve. (Franz Morell had links with Scientology. Bioresonance has nothing in common with electroacupuncture concepts.
  • Every material is made up of atoms, whether it is a virus or bacteria or a human being. In turn atoms are made up of subatomic particles. Physicists discovered that subatomic particles behave like energy and radiate energy into their surroundings in specific patterns, called waves. Researchers have been able to analyze the distinct wave patterns, or oscillations, of normally-functioning body systems and organs as well as the oscillations of allergens, viruses, bacteria, and toxins (for example, mercury). 
  • This is not science fiction; you may already be familiar with heart currents measured by electrocardiography (ECG) and brain vibrations measured by electroencephalography (EEG). Imaging studies using MRI are based on magnetic resonance patterns. 
  • If there is faulty nutrition, stress, toxins or negative emotions, the body’s healthy oscillations become imbalanced or weak. A body without its own health sustaining oscillation, no longer withstands viruses, bacteria, toxic chemicals and metals, etc. that are normally present and have their own vibrations. Not only do they act as dangerous substances in the body, but by the special vibrations that radiate from them become energetic stressors.
    What is apparent to those of us who work both with biochemistry and with energetics, regulation and control is dominated by energetics rather than biochemistry. Metabolic processes, hormone production, growth and regenerating processes are controlled and coordinated in this way

The History of Bio-resonance Therapy
         For 3000 years it has been known in Chinese medicine that energy tracks direct the organs' activity, and that these activities are subject to rhythmical vibrations. In the meantime, the existence of meridians and blockages in the meridians has been proven by means of nuclear medicine and other methods. Biorhythms have also been explored.
  • The study of BRFT itself began in 1923 work of Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitsch. While researching the growth and development of onion plants he found that something regulating the growth of the onion shoots could pass through quartz glass but not silicon glass. 50 years later, the developed technologies proved that Gurwitsch's radiation was actually biological ultraviolet light, emitted from the onions' DNA. It turns out onion sprouts influence each other by sending out light waves! Confirming Gurwitsch, in 1936 American astronomer and biologist, Gustav Stromberg, claimed that the structure and development of living beings are bound to "systems of non-material waves".
  • Through the use of a photo amplifier, Dr. Beetz at the Max Planck Institute was able to project the process onto a TV screen. In 1975, the German physicist Dr. F.A. Popp proved the existence of light emission (bio-photons) from living cells. The existence of bio-photons is also a theoretical result of the general quantum field theory of the physicist Burkhard Heim.
  • Popp also proved that DNA is a photo magazine and that the light emission from the cells is not a result of their propagation, but the biophotons' directing of the division of cells.Before any chemical reaction, at least one electron must be activated by a photon with a certain wavelength and enough energy. The biochemist and Nobel Prize winner Lehninger mentions in his textbook that some reactions in the living cell happen quite a lot faster than what corresponds to 37° temperature. The explanation seems to be that the body purposely directs chemical reactions by means of electromagnetic vibrations (biophotons).
  • Recent research (F.A. Popp and W. Ludwig) shows that the effect of homeopathic substances is due to their vibration patterns. Prof. Dr. Cyril W. Smith (University of Salford, England), Dr. R.S.V. Choy and Dr. J.A. Monro proved by means of provocation/naturalizing tests that allergic reactions can be neutralized by means of electromagnetic vibrations with a certain frequency.
  • In Electro-Acupuncture Diagnostics according to Dr. Voll (EAV), the vibrations of substances are given to the patient via cables, and the effect is found by means of electro-acupuncture measurements. The research of Smith, Choy and Monro also explains the results of the allergy treatment. By means of BRFT, the characteristic own vibrations (electron plasma vibrations) from an allergen can be absorbed, be electronically inverted and given back strengthened to the body. The allergy symptoms may disappear within minutes - during the treatment. Experience also shows that deposited damaging waste material and metabolic waste products are mobilized and released easier as the inverted (electron plasma) vibrations from these substances are given to the body. In France test animals excreted several stored heavy metals after they received minimal doses of the same substances.
  • Dr. Franz Morell and his son-in-law, Erich Rasche, developed the first machine that utilized these findings. Their machine was able to "read" the system of biological light and either amplify or cancel its various relief frequencies. Through manipulation of these frequencies healthful balance was achieved. BRFT and the theoretical understanding that supports its application were developed from this technology. Current research in both the United States and Europe is exploring further applications of this amazing technology.

Mode of operation

           Descriptions are obscure, possibly on purpose.Practitioners usually apply electrodes, linked to a box, to the patient's skin. According to the manufacturer of these devices, they emit alternating currents which are healing. The manufacturers describe cells as objects having a natural resonance (i.e. bio-resonance.) Such frequencies are not viewed as efficacious by modern medicine.
Due to the electrical interference of the signals generated by everyday equipment and the range of frequencies utilized, the response is sometimes read through an extended period, in order to average it and to increase the accuracy of the results.In some of these devices a modern signal processing technique, usually PC-based, is able to analyze the multiple parameters of the response and interpret the results. The analyst is then supposedly able to make an assessment/summary of the physical and mental health of the patient.
Practitioners also say they can treat disease using this therapy, claiming they can stimulate a change of bioresonance in the cells, reversing the change caused by the disease. The devices would need to be able to isolate and pinpoint pathogens' responses from the mixture of responses the device receives via the electrodes. Transmitting these transformed signals over the same electrodes is claimed to generate healing signals that have the curative effect. With this method of diagnosis and treatment, practitioners claim to be able to detect and cure a variety of diseases and addictions without drugs. The given mode of operation (pathogenic signals in opposition to healthy ones) is linked to similar concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially acupuncture
  •  If your controlling processes are influenced by the unhealthful vibrations, biochemical and metabolic misdirection and malfunction occur that result in dysfunction and disease. It was Dr. Franz Morell's idea to erase these disturbed vibrations, or at least to weaken them to give the diseased organism a possibility to regenerate.
    • Morell was correct in his therapeutic approach. These waves of energy interact and can either add or subtract energy from each other. Research in Europe over the past several decades shows that the electromagnetic profile of harmful substances can be canceled out by sending the opposite oscillations into the body. Manipulating the wave patterns into precise patterns to negate or strengthen the electromagnetic profile of a particular person is the basis for Bio-Resonance Feedback Technique
    (BFRT), which has been in used in Europe for over 23 years on humans and animals with great success. In fact, this healing modality has become the number one holistic tool in Germany.

    • To review this concept again, it is known that the human body is an electromagnetic field that can transmit and receive electromagnetic oscillations. You can not see it or feel it. Just like you emit heat that you can not see. The human body emits different oscillations: cells, tissues and organs each have their specific oscillations. These oscillations together form your total oscillation spectrum. The energy patterns of the body can also be altered by illness, infection, toxins, or radiation. When you are sick, the oscillation of foreign substances like toxic metals, dental amalgams, bacteria and pesticides that are stored in your body can interfere with your oscillation image. Sick organs do not oscillate harmoniously. It is possible to determine if other substances or longstanding illnesses are stressing your body. Disharmonious oscillations can be diminished or even eliminated by their inversion. Healthful oscillations can be amplified for healing.
    Bio-Resonance Feedback Technique (BRFT) uses technology that detects and reads the ultra fine electromagnetic oscillations produced by every molecule, cell, organ, gland and system of your body. The BRFT machine reads the distorted frequencies associated with illness and through biological filter, separates the pathological frequencies from the body's natural frequencies.

    The BRFT technology includes an "inversion circuit" that produces the mirror image of the pathological oscillation, thereby canceling out the electromagnetic oscillation of the pathogen, rendering it inert. The frequency patterns through BRFT resonate with the molecular, pathological frequency patterns contained in H2O cluster structures. This leads to a decoupling of the hydrogen bonds in the cluster structures. As a result, the molecular interference oscillation stored in the clusters loses its previously stable configuration and oscillation intensity. It is similar to passing a strong demagnetizer over magnets stuck to the door of your refrigerator - they simply fall off. 

Detection and healing

Examples of symptoms or features that practitioners claim to detect:
  • energy level / vitamin deficiencies / cell oxygenation
  • mental health / stress / adrenal activity
  • hormonal disorders / immunity response
Examples of diseases allegedly healable with this method:
           What is seen in clinical practice it that toxins are set free and released into the circulation where they have to be eliminated through the urine, stools, skin and through breathing. That is why drinking plenty of water is so important for at least 1 week following treatment
          In addition, natural healthful physiological oscillation patterns can be amplified or strengthened to optimal levels. The ability of the body to regulate and heal itself is therefore re-activated and stabilized. The goal of BRFT is to reduce or eliminate the pathological vibrations and at the same time strengthen the physiological ones. Again the effects of BRFT have scientific confirmation. Pulsating magnetic fields have been used for medical purposes listed as follows:
  • better circulation, therefore better nutrient supply
  • improved oxygen supply in tissues and cells
  • removal of blockages
  • stimulation for the cellular metabolism as well as breakdown of metabolic wastes
  • improvement in cellular energy
  • mobilization of resistance energies
  • acceleration of healing processes
  • activation of lymph streams
  • activation of the immune system
  • Instruments with pulsating magnetic fields are designed differently as regular impulse forms and magnetic field strengths. (BRFT uses micro-impulses). 
Limitations to Bio-resonance Therapy
Nearly every illness reveals a disharmonious oscillation. This is why BRFT can be used in nearly every illness and there are practically no contra-indications. There have been successes even in the most difficult diseases. Although BRFT has an unusually broad spectrum of applications, it has its limitations:
  • Pathologic final stages, for instance if the tissue is completely destructed it is probably impossible to regenerate, even with BRFT.
  • Deprivation of essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, enzymes, etc. impede the success of any therapy. BRFT requires the inherent support of tissue to resonance sufficiently.
  • A patient who does not want to become healthy can negate BRFT.
  • Painkillers, stimulants and alcohol 12 hours before and for 24 hours after BRFT interfere with the neuropathways involved with BRFT. Some examples in this category include aspirin, Tylenol, and other painkillers (anti-inflammatories like Vioxx, Celebrex, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Vicodin, Codeine, etc), alcohol, coffee, tea or other caffeine products may scramble and nullify the therapeutic electromagnetic signal. Some pain medications dull the nervous system and therefore interrupt the BRFT signals. If Ritalin, Dexedrine, Concerta, Adderall, Sudafed, Ephedra, and caffeine in coffee, chocolate and tea agitate the nervous system creating an incoherent base grid that interrupts the subtle BRFT signal.


            Lacking any scientific explanation of how Bioresonance might work, researchers have classified it as pseudoscience. Scientific studies did not show effects above that of the placebo effect.
Proven cases of online fraud have occurred, with a practitioner making false claims that he had the ability to cure cancer, and that his clients did not need to follow the chemotherapy or surgery recommended by medical doctors, which can be life-saving. Ben Goldacre ridiculed the BBC when it reported as fact a clinic's claim that the treatment had the ability to stop 70% of clients smoking, a better result than any conventional therapy.
In the United States of America the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies "devices that use resistance measurements to diagnose and treat various diseases" as Class III devices, which require FDA approval prior to marketing. Some of these devices have been banned by FDA from the US market.
Practical aspects of BRFT
            BRFT receives your vibrations through a cable (in the same way as by ECG or EEG) attached to an electrode. Within the device a biological filter separates the healthy (harmonious) vibrations from the unhealthy (disharmonious) ones. The healthy (harmonious) vibrations are given back strengthened or weakened. The unhealthy (disharmonious) ones are electronically inverted and sent back. The opposite vibrations created in this way weaken the unhealthy vibrations in the body and negate them.
The actual settings are a combination of pre-programmed frequencies and a pattern chosen by the BRFT operator. You may feel nothing, or on the other hand you may get a sensation of tingling somewhere in the body, heat, or just a feeling of relaxation. Old inflammation sites that have not been healed out (e.g. teeth or scars) may feel more noticeable. Tell the staff member performing BRFT what you notice.
The BRFT Session
           During BRFT your body does not get any electricity. The electrode and mats only serve as antennae. Only your own vibrations are used for the self-regulation. Nothing foreign is given to you from the device itself. However, certain substances (allergens, medications, supplements, etc,) may be filtered into the BRFT in order to test or naturalize, or neutralize disturbing signals in your body. The use of a bodily fluid like saliva, urine, blood, or feces may provide the material to filter your specific pathogen.
  • The specific harmful material in your body needs to be expelled as quickly as possible after BRFT. This is achieved most commonly through your kidneys. Also complete bowels evacuation can also be important. After the therapy drink several extra glasses of purified water daily to dilute and wash out the material released through BRFT. It is also recommended to take a shower using a Rainshower Water filter to help rinse off waste material released through your skin.
BRFT sessions are scheduled for 45-60 minutes. BRFT may need to be repeated several times. A single treatment can consist of one or more therapy steps. This depends upon your state of health. BRFT does not replace your cooperation in the healing process. The life style that has made you sick has to be changed by you.
Physical Reactions to Bio-resonance Therapy
          Bio-resonance Feedback Therapy is painless. To date, no harmful side effects of BRFT have been observed. Nevertheless, during or after BRFT, a reaction might occur even coincidentally which should be noted so that they can be interpreted. Some of the following initial reactions have been reported:
Initial reactions can manifest as nausea, skin rashes, etc. if you have accumulated a large amount of toxins, BRFT enables their excretion and overall detoxification. The more your elimination organs are stressed, the stronger are the initial reactions. To assist in detoxification and elimination, drink a lot of reverse osmosis water.
  •  Overflowing reactions can occur if you are highly stressed, for example by geopathic stress. It can then sometimes happen that a treatment has a very intensive effect.
  • Healing reactions are usually expressed as general symptoms of relaxation feeling, tiredness, sleepiness, warmth or coolness, moist skin, perspiration, fever, red flushed skin, slight pains, inner uneasiness or possibly speeding of the pulse. These symptoms are also described in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a part of a response to treatment. They are considered a consequence of the physical "digestion" of the healing impulses and are temporary.
  • Activation of chronic illnesses is part of the healing that occurs because a weakened defense system has to be first reinforced in order to actively overcome the illness. Only then is the chronic illness "activated" and enabled to resolve.
Actualization of earlier illnesses that have not healed properly. If an illness has been treated successfully by BRFT, a "new" form of illness sometimes follows. While this may make it seem that the initial treatment was not successful, in actuality because of a healthier defense situation has been created, other conditions that had not healed properly before create a new healing response.
Therefore, please report all reactions after treatment so that these responses can be taken into account in your BRFT.

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