Jan 24, 2012

Consumers' Report: Arsenic found in Apple and Grape Juice

       Controversy over Arsenic in apple juice made headlines as the school year began when Mehmet Oz, M.D., host of  “The Dr. Oz Show,” told viewers that tests he’d commissioned  it found 10% of apple juice and grape juice samples had total arsenic levels above the drinking water standard of 10 parts per billion. Consumer Reports also found that the majority of the arsenic in the tested juice was inorganic, the kind to cause cancer.
The Dr. Oz Show has been communicating with the FDA since the original broadcast in September ,2011. The FDA sent letters to the show in September saying that the majority of arsenic in apple juice is organic or the “harmless kind". In a conference call with The Dr. Oz Show in October and in an email sent on November 29th, the FDA says it's researching the new evidence suggesting the majority of arsenic in apple juice is inorganic. In addition, the FDA told The Dr. Oz Show that there are two forms of organic arsenic in apple juice that are potentially harmful.
The Dr. Oz Show has learned that the FDA is re-evaluating the level of concern for juice, currently at 23 parts per billion. The FDA’s level of concern was based on an assessment that did not include the risk of cancer from arsenic.

The FDA also disclosed new data from the monitoring program for arsenic in juice. Nine previously undisclosed test results reveal arsenic levels above the current level of concern, 23 parts per billion.

American apple juice is made from apple concentrate, 60% of which is imported from China. Other countries may use pesticides that contain arsenic, a heavy metal known to cause cancer. After testing dozens of samples from three different cities in America, Dr. Oz discovered that some of the nation's best known brands of apple juice contain arsenic. In the spirit of full disclosure, below you'll find all the test results, statements and information you need to keep your family safe.

My advise : Make your own juice at home with fresh apples (or any other fruits at your choice).

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