Dec 30, 2010

Band Aid Design -Skinny Player

         The Skinny Player kinda reminds us of the O+ Music Campaign where the promotional kit offers one song in various mediums.
  • The concept here with the Skinny Player is to offer one album space on a portable – Band Aid-esque device
  • The self-sticking player houses a play/stop button and flexible speakers. Although I am not so sure about the sound quality for the output, but the idea is worth exploring. The user-scenario is for exercise or such places where you want to keep your hands free, but still carry your music with you.

  • The unique angle to the player is that hopes to use your body heat for powering the device. Now if this is possible or utopian , is left to be seen.

Designers: Chih-Wei Wang & Shou-Hsi Fu

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