Mar 4, 2013

Philips receives FDA clearance to market MicroDose SI Mammography System

Philips has announced FDA clearance of its MicroDose SI full-field digital mammography (FFDM) system. In addition to the capabilities of the original MicroDose approved in 2011, the company touts the SI model’s ability to do single-shot spectroscopy, yet that particular feature is not yet available in the U.S.
The MicroDose device use X-ray photon-counting detectors to perform breast tissue imaging at a considerably lower dose compared to traditional mammography. It is hoped the technology will improve the ability of radiologists to spot tumors within dense breast tissue.

From Philips:
As in existing Philips MicroDose systems, MicroDose SI uses unique digital photon-counting technology, which represents a paradigm shift in mammography by enabling clinicians to conduct exams using low radiation dose without compromising image quality. Philips has further advanced this unique technology with Single-Shot Spectral Imaging, which is built upon the fact that breast density is subject to different tissue types and materials that absorb X-rays at various energies. The technology powering the MicroDose SI uses this fundamental behavior of X-rays, allowing clinicians to see more than just a shadow in mammogram images by separating high and low energy X-ray within one single exposure.

Key advantages of MicroDose SI include:
  • High image quality at low X-ray dose (18 to 50 percent lower radiation dose than other digital mammography systems with an average dose reduction of 40 percent)
  • Short exam time – less than 5 minutes including image acquisition
  • Patient comfort with anatomically curved and warmed breast support
  • Ready for future Single-Shot Spectral Imaging applications

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